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Why use the auto lease brokers at Fast Track Auto Leasing as opposed to an auto dealer?

The auto lease brokers at Fast Track Auto Leasing specializes in leasing and financing of new cars. Most people don’t understand the auto leasing process and how an auto leasing broker can substantially lower your monthly car payments. Our auto lease brokers act as a go-between with you and a car dealership. Your new auto leasing deal is an agreement between you and the dealership; we just get the best auto leasing deal for you! The only difference between leasing a car from a lease broker at Fast Track Auto Leasing and the dealership is that Fast Track Auto Leasing eliminates hefty fees, complex contracts, outrageous commissions and misleading promises.

We’ll Help Save You Time, Money, and a Lot of Effort! 

Many auto dealerships are beginning to understand that they stand to make a lot more money when they use Auto Brokers. For example,  let’s compare two different auto dealerships: A and B. Dealership A sells 50 cars a month to walk-in customers. But Dealership B not only sells 50 cars a month to walk-in customers but also sells 100 cars to a lease broker like us. Basically, Dealership B sells 100 more cars per month.

Dealerships get incentives and benefits from manufacturers when sales are up. Since they sold 100 more cars than Dealership A, they have several advantages over them including lower prices, the first pick of new cars, more funding, and co-op money. We have great relationships with many of these high-volume new car dealerships, making it beneficial for the dealership, Fast Track Auto Leasing, and also ultimately for you!

Hopefully, that sheds some light on what our lease broker consultants do and how it can be beneficial for you.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. You may call us, or email us at and we’ll help as best we can!

The Team at Fast Track Auto Leasing.